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  • Advising the Owner
  • Creation of Construction Management Systems
  • Creation of Information and Communication Systems
  • Planning and Deadlines Control
  • Cost Control | Preparation of Measurement Records
  • Quality, Environment and Safety Control
  • Technical Notes Preparation
  • Opinions and Reports
A good project is not in itself a guarantee of quality and durability of the final work. It is essential for the contractor to be sure that all works are done according to the projects and according to the best construction practices, observing the safety rules.

MODERN has inspection and construction management services available, acting as an independent project manager with its own systems for overall construction quality control, planning compliance, measurement of quantities and costs and project review in multidisciplinary areas. Detailed reports and regular meetings are crucial in the proximity policy, allowing clients to have complete knowledge and control over all works with minimal resources. In addition to laboratory analyses and non-destructive tests, monitoring systems are also available to be used in different stages of the work.

Management and administrative support.

By creating a solid information system, MODERN ensures that all parties involved in the project know the frequency and type of information to be provided. Regular meetings and reports allow the contractor to be always informed about the fulfillment of contractual clauses and the progress of the work, being able to make decisions and implement necessary measures or changes to the project or the scheduled activities.

Cost control and preparation of measurement reports.

The inspection is responsible for carrying out the monthly inspection of the works performed necessary for the preparation of the measurement records and informing the contractor about complaints eventually presented by the contractor.

Work planning.

The team is responsible for enforcing the critical dates set out in the contract. If there are delays during the work, it is the responsibility of the inspection engineers to work together with the owner’s technical representatives to find and implement solutions that minimize the impact of the changes.

Quality Control.

In addition to the inspection experience, MODERN technicians are also trained according to the company’s “know-how” in the field of inspection, pathology assessment and implementation of solutions. Always working with a view to complying with codes, current rules and established contracts, the Company always seeks to achieve higher standards, using the best construction practices and ensuring strict quality control. The inspection services available allow inspection technicians to have all the means to create an effective and rigorous control system of the quality of the materials before and after their application, through laboratory testing systems, “in situ”, non-destructive tests and monitoring that will act as an additional guarantee of overall quality.

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Our mission is to build value for the client, ensuring quality technical services, with rigor and competence in several technical areas and framed by a plurality of specific legislation, where knowledge and experience are fundamental. We have a multidisciplinary work team, which seeks to meet the expectations of our customers and is available to move throughout the national territory.

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