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Support in Public Procurement Procedures

Integrated project management

• Launch of Urbanism and Architecture ideas contests.
• Preparation of architectural projects;
• Preparation of engineering projects;
• Development of Specialty Projects;
• Elaboration of Urban Rehabilitation Projects, Infrastructures and Roads;
• Preparation of Terms of Reference and Specifications for tender.
• Support in drafting contracts;
• Management and coordination, construction of private and public works by the stakeholders in the design and construction phases.
• Reception and tests of the works carried out
• Urban and Road Network Surveys
• Structural and Anomalies Survey in Buildings
• Periodic reporting to the Promoter / Investor / Project Owner;
• Management of Energy Certification and Sustainability processes;

Commercial Service

• Procurement of land and facilities.
• Product definition: target, types, areas, finishes, etc.
• Critical monitoring in the elaboration of projects;
• Support in negotiations and preparation of proposals and contracts with potential customers.

The main stages of this service are:

Strategy, Studies and Feasibility

Our work is focused on carrying out Market Studies and Feasibility Studies (technical, economic and financial), helping to define the scope of the Project. It is here that the various financing solutions available are studied.


In this phase, MODERN will carry out the Management, Execution and Coordination of the projects necessary for the clear and unambiguous definition of the Program.

Analysis of Execution Projects | Architecture and Specialties

This analysis is carried out with emphasis on the compatibility between architecture and the various engineering, verifying the interrelationships between the different pieces drawn and written from the different projects, special technical conditions and measurements, considering the applicable legal provisions.

Contract management

(with Tender Process)

After the work of analysing the project and the conditions of the land, MODERN guarantees that the defined scope and the desired quality for the Project are reflected in the tendering procedures carried out for the works. It is our belief that it is at this stage that many of the contractual problems with the contractors are solved, which is why we believe it is important to be immediately involved in the analysis of the submitted proposals, assisting as consultants in the negotiation phase and ensuring the drafting of the contract, supporting the Client in the negotiation.

Work Preparation

The preparation of the Work is done on a permanent and preventive basis, carrying out summary analyzes of the projects, verifying “in situ” the local conditions and their implications with the projects and contracts entered into.


Here MODERN will control the work at all levels of execution, ensuring the quality of the project and supervising the development of the work.

Control and Report

Transversal service activity, in which the control of Time, Cost, Quality, deviation analysis and the management of changes to the scope of the Project are carried out, with the respective “report” to the Client in the minutes of the meeting and in the minutes. various reports issued (project analysis, analysis of contractors’ proposals, monthly reports and final report).

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