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Elaboration of applications

Preparation of Applications for financing programs

Community funds are financial instruments that help to develop and expand the activity of companies. MODERN in partnership with entities and specialist partners and in this area for a few years has been preparing applications for the most diverse financing programs, which provide support to companies or institutions, contributing to increase their competitiveness, flexibility and responsiveness to a market in constant growth.

This service covers:

• Project design and management;
• Budgeting and eligible costs;
• Formalization / Submission and execution of the application to the competent entities;
• Control of the financial flows associated with the application.

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Our mission is to build value for the client, ensuring quality technical services, with rigor and competence in several technical areas and framed by a plurality of specific legislation, where knowledge and experience are fundamental. We have a multidisciplinary work team, which seeks to meet the expectations of our customers and is available to move throughout the national territory.

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